Contracting Kits

Below are the contracting kits for our carriers. Please complete and then email/fax us only the pages you have completed along with:

  • Current license(s)
  • E&O certificate
  • Voided check, if applicable
  • LTC and/or Annuity Suitability CE certificates, if applicable
  • Complete company specific annuity product training, if applicable
  • If you are submitting an application with your contracting, please remember that the contracting date needs to be on or before the application date.

    Please make sure your Anti-Money Laundering Training is current.

    Most carriers will accept LIMRA's online training only.
    • If you have not done so, please go to LIMRA to either complete the AML training or update your current training.
    • If you have previously completed the AML training on the LIMRA's site, please log on and make sure the carrier you are now adding is on your list of carriers to ensure they receive notification of completion.

    Contracting Kits

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